February 12, 2012

Trip to the Equine Center

Last night Miranda (my room-mate) told me that she wanted to see the Equine Center. Miranda has never been around horses except for dropping off some kids that she babysat at riding lessons once in a while. I jumped at the oppertunity to show Miranda what I do and to show off the kids.

Here are some photos from our day.

This is Gracie, Miranda's dog (no not part of today haha)

(Lucy, Miranda's Chinchilla) 

Exam room with horse stock

Pre-surgical room, where horses are put under anesthesia. 

Post-surgical room (the green thing acts as an air mattress filling up with about 2 feet of air and prevents the horse from being able to get up when waking up from anesthesia) 

One of my favorites, aqua-pacer! Close the doors, fill up with water, and walk on the treadmill!


Indoor arena, I must say I love riding in all the space

Ole, a Norwegian Fjord (not apart of our herd, part of "We Can Ride")


Miranda and Desi meeting, it was great!

Legend (far left), Mr P (center), Jealousy (right)

Mr P wondering if we have treats

Maddie sleeping away unaware of us


Mr "I'm going to pretend I'm arthritic and when you are not looking but and rear and canter around the pasture"

Miranda and Chip (POA) (Not We Can Ride horse)

Rollo, Mr P's Mom

Maddie...yes still sleeping

Our new tack locker, SHINY!! 

Inside of the barn
It was a great adventure and Miranda had a blast! Happy I was finally able to get some pictures for you guys.