May 10, 2012

Fast News

Beware readers the following is going to be super fast and not so descriptive news of up to date things.
1. IM HOME! Flight went awesome!
2. Went to the alpaca farm today, came home, and then went back because we had a baby boy born!! It was scary though because Noelani (the mom) had a torsion which is when the uterus rotates around and the severity can vary. On a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the worst, Noelani was at a 7. According to the vet and Uncle they had to rotate Noelani 3 times while pressing on her uterus to get it back into correct position. The little boy was exhausted when he was finally born and we had our doubts if he was going to make it. What was worse is that when we tried to stand him up, he had no control over his back legs. But don't worry too much, we believe that during the torsion the blood flow to his lower legs got cut off and resulted in what we would relate to as a leg that fell asleep. Eventually he got his feeling back, was up and eating, and even attempting to run around! We weighed him and he was a porker! 17 lbs (an average baby weighs 15 lbs, and 20 lbs is considered a HUGE baby). I hope to get pictures soon but since i don't have a camera I'm not sure how soon 'soon' is.
3. Shearing day is tomorrow! Super excited hope I am able to get some before and after pictures, but again no promises.

Sorry for being so quick about all of this, I am gulping down supper at 10:19 and going to bed and will be at the farm starting at 7!

Thanks for reading!

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