May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

What a great weekend I had! On Saturday my room mate Miranda from Minnesota came to visit me! I knew about the visit, her and her mother were vacationing in Maine and of course she had no choice but to visit me. It was great that she finally met my family and we all had a blast. Lots of memories, laughs, and good times. I'm going to miss her lots!

After they left I raced home, packed, and went up to camp. With my 8-5 Monday-Friday work schedule I won't be able to go camping as much as I want to so with my three day weekend I had to go up. I regret not bringing my tent, but I thought it would still get to the 30s at night in the mountain, but it wasn't. I arrived to the campgrounds and I couldn't help but smile. I breathed in the smell of red pine trees and all my stresses lifted and I felt free.

On Sunday I had planned to go kiyaking with my 'sister' Jordan, but she ended up not feeling well, so instead I went in a canoeing with her grandfather and his girlfriend. It was GREAT and it has really inspired me to do a canoeing trip this summer. Maybe take 3-4 days and just travel a planned route and have someone pick me and who ever goes with me up.

Unfortunately it all ended today but I did come home and cleaned up some brush that my Uncle helped me cut. Now that I'm older I really enjoy doing yard work. Not gardening, but mowing, weed wacking, and just miscellaneous things.

On some horse news, I called my old boss who lives down the road from me, and she is thinking about allowing me to ride 2-4 times a week in exchange of some labor! I really hopes this pulls through because I miss riding multiple times a week.

I really wish there was 30 hours in a day, and that I only worked 8-5, and also only needed a few hours of sleep. I would be able to do so much!

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