June 7, 2012

Lesson 2

No, it wasn't my 2nd lesson ever, but it certainly felt that way! Since I have been home, I have rode 3 times, and the 2nd time was only for a few minutes so not sure if I can count that. After work I scooted over to the barn and got there earlier than I had planned. Unfortuently the horse that I rode last week, Newman, was being leased out so I can't have my lessons on him, instead I rode River. Sandy warned me that even though River is a super nice boy, if you clank on his teeth he will buck, not a big buck but will buck. Great..so from the start I was paranoid, even though one of my bad habits is giving a horse too much rein. He warmed up and started trotting around and I knew that this was going to be a hard lesson. Unlike most horses, River didn't want to be near the wall at all. Not because of fear, but I think out of being lazy. He cut all the corners and tried cutting the arena in half.

My main things to work on during my lessons has been strength and balance and River required a LOT of inside leg to keep him on the wall and honestly I wasn't able to keep him there most of the time *le sigh*

Eventually Sandy had me ride with just one stirrup. After a few minutes I was super frustrated. I couldn't post without putting too much weight in the stirrup that I did have. I asked Sandy if I could drop both stirrups, and she said sure..well...that wasn't a good idea either.

Already being frustrated I was going around and realized I couldn't post with no stirrups either and my upper inner thighs were hurting from the saddle and I was so out of balance, which just furthered my frustration. We went around a corner and down the long wall, and I felt myself slipping to the side and on the verge of falling off. I feel that if I wasn't so frustrated I would have at least tried to save myself, but instead I just gave up and let myself fall. I certainly paid for that decision. I landed on my hip hard and I'm sure there will be a bruise tomorrow.

I took a few seconds to get up and Sandy was asking if I was okay..and then the tears came >.< they weren't out of pain, they were out of frustration and dignity. I know everyone falls off multiple times if you ride a lot, but it was more because I fell off because I was out of balance. Also I am the kind of person who cries when I'm mad. Some days I wish I could just get angry and swear like everyone else, but no instead I cry. The tears aren't a sign of weakness, they are just a different way of venting how I feel.

So back to the story, due to the tears Sand thought I was hurt, and I was trying to make her understand that I was fine I was just frustrated, I think she eventually believed me and I hoped back on. I had the option of either riding with no stirrups again or practice standing up in my stirrups, I chose to stand.

On a good note, I was able to stand more in balance and for a longer period of time than last lesson. Granted by the end my knee was killing me (not due to the fall) and I was exhausted.

Sandy offered me a proposal I will not refuse. She said that in exchange for doing the evening chores I can ride River or Blue! I am very excited about this, even though it will probably be only riding 1 extra time a week but that is riding 2 times a week instead of 1.

In the mean time, I'm going to be doing a TON of wall squats, calf raises, and crunches to get some of my muscles up to par. If you have any other at home exercises that might be able to help please feel free to share!

Thanks for reading :)


  1. I have no exercise suggestions, sorry.

    I just wanted to say - I though I was the only person who cries when angry.

    It's incredibly frustrating, and I feel your pain. :(

    1. Oh you are far from being alone :) some days I think it's a curse but then I see people throw tantrums when they are mad and think my tears can't be all that awful! Usually it's for a few minutes and then I'm back to normal, it just helps to get things out :)