August 11, 2012

Quick update.

My car is finally almost 100% fixed! My radiator and 2 gasket heads have been replaced, and now all I have to do is clean the carburetor. When I picked up my car yesterday I was like a little girl at Christmas. It felt great to drive away without any hesitation or any strange popping noises. I have to get a picture of my car up ASAP but for those who don't know, my car is a '79 Buick Regal I got as a coming home gift from MN!

Health wise I am doing much better. I went to a chiropracter this week and my shoulder feels so much better! Surprisingly the pain in my shoulder was resulting from my right hip hurting, which caused me to put my weight into different muscles in my legs, which then made the change in pressure go diagonally up my back to my left shoulder. Dr A is fantastic and he really listened to me, all the other docs thought I was insane when I said my right hip and left shoulder hurt. I go back on the 20th for another appointment to get adjusted again.

Now horse wise, riding has been great!! I have been riding numerous horses and it feels awesome!
My friend Maggie hit the concept right on the head. "Riding different horses is like having a boyfriend and your other friends. You have the other horses (your friends) that you put some energy and emotions into but then you have that ONE horse (your boyfriend) that you put the majority of your time/energy/emotions into. If you spend all your time on one horse, eventually your going to loose the ability to deal with different horses (e.g. if your boyfriend breaks up with you and you haven't spend time with friends during time of the relationship, your friends won't be there)." It was a great analogy.

I have been riding Mel, a 20 year old Morgan who is getting back into shape after being a trail horse for 5+ years, Tia has ridden Mel in one show this year and they took 1st in both their pleasure and equitation shows. Then there is Gigi, a standardbred who was raced but never won anything so she was retrained and became a trail horse also. Now she is getting back into working again, we would like to show her in dressage but we need to make sure she will trot instead of pace all the time (not sure if this possible?) but it's worth a shot! We are working on with her getting forward and less behind your leg. Then there is Sooner, a upper level dressage horse who was bought for a couple's daughter, said daughter got a boyfriend and said horse has been sitting in the pasture since. Sooner is a FANTASTIC horse, she loves to jump, has a ton of energy, and very athletic. She doesn't look in the  best of shape but this horse can go for hours and still want to go for more! She is ALSO getting use to working again, and she loves it. The last horse I have only ridden once and that is Lucy. A quarter horse who is finally able to be ridden after a very bad accident with barbed wire. I'm not sure if I will ride her, because she is very barn bound. We have to ride in the pasture since there is no other place to ride (don't worry the pasture is riding worthy! there are some nice flat areas that are free of pot holes and hazards). I have delt with Mr P in the past about wanting to go back to the barn, but the barn wasn't connected to the arena I rode in, and I trusted that he wouldn't buck too big, with Lucy I am unsure. I will ask my friend Maggie to hop on her (she is an amazing rider and very talanted). We aren't too concerned about working Lucy because she won't ever be able to do heavy riding, but it would be nice to just hop on her and work her lightly without worrying.

So folks that about sums it up. Very uneventful but I love it :)
Thank you for reading!!

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