August 1, 2012

Summer is almost over!

It's almost depressing that it is August already. I feel like my summer has just flown by. I am still working 40 hours a week, and for the most part I love my job.

The past two weeks I have been riding A LOT and I am loving every moment of it. At this point in time I am riding 5 different horses! Today I rode my friend's horse Star (a Morgan X Welsh Cob cross) who is adorable! I love Morgans to being with but this cross was fantastic, despite her short stature (small enough to be in the pony category). Star has a wonderful personality and it was great riding a smaller horse for once and a horse that tends to be in front of your leg instead of behind.

My lessons have been on hold the past two weeks due to car issues. My car ended up over heating on me on the interstate and I found out I had to have the radiator replaced. I have a guy that is the husband of a friend look at the car, whom I trust after my mechanic quoted me $400 for the whole radiator job (the radiator would cost $150, and take about an hour and a half to replace) I was NOT pleased when I heard this. I also asked said new mechanic to give the engine a great tune up and he found that I needed new gasketts for my engine..which would end up being costly even though the parts were $100, since it is a deep engine job the labor would be longer. So due to lack of car and expenses I have not had lessons for two weeks, but with all the riding I am doing I feel myself getting stronger and having more stamina (OH I have also lost a pound!)

On top of my car problems, I have been having body problems. I thought I had torn my rotator cuff in my shoulder and had arthritis developing in my wrists. But it came out to be just tendonitis in my wrists, and in my shoulder things are rubbing and pinching that shouldn't be rubbing and pinching. Eventually I might need to get cortisone shots for it (yuck!)

On Monday I popped over my first jump ever. Please keep the criticism to yourself haha, it was only a 4 inch cross rail in the center so not high at all, and I just wanted to see how I did. Well, I didn't fall off, and my feet stayed in my stirrups and my heels stayed down!! My two point wasn't the best but that will come with more training!

Well that is just a super quick update, my wrists are starting to hurt from all of the typing, I hope to post more often since the summer is winding down!!

Thank you for reading :)

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