January 26, 2010

Interesting Day

Well yesterday my sister and I went to work. It was raining outside and everything was so icey. We walked into the barn and was glad to see that all the horses were put in for the day, easier to groom that way. As we walked in we were greeted by Rosie, a boarding pony, and then numerous other whinnies from the other horses, but something was new. There was a new whinnie that Tia and I had not heard before. At a fast paced walk we got to one of the open stalls and saw this gorgeous bay mare standing there. Wanting to know who she was and her information, we went to the white board where messages are relayed back and forth from Michelle to us, but found no new messages. The new mare was so friendly and was so pretty.

In order to do chorse, we had to put Spiffy, a boarder, into the inside arena to clean his stall. I am guessing the new mare, who we found out to be named Nannie, and Spiffy had a very good liking for each other because neither of them stopped calling for each other. The instant she saw Spiffy again the both quieted down. HOW CUTE! Spiffy has a girlfriend!

So chores went on as normal and we groomed up all of the horses and took extra care to their feet, since Rosie has developed thrush in her back two hoofs.

I got to work with Ranger some more yesterday. Instead of having him on a lunge line he was on his lead rope. After a few minutes of work he let me rub him in almost any place on his body with the whip. The only play he is still shy about is his chest. I also managed to get some good pictures of Ranger while I was at the barn. =)

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