January 30, 2010

Too Cold :(

Today I was really looking forward to riding, but woke up and checked the weather and it was suppose to be 10 degrees out, with a windchill making it feel like 0, so to say in the least I was not happy and decided against riding. But I guess the good thing is that I now have time to work on my college application essay that is due on Monday. *crosses fingers*

I have to call up Michelle to see if we can do a lesson tomorrow, I guess it all depends on how much I get done of this essay today.

Well that is my rant/update for the day :)
See I told you posts would get smaller.

OH and my laptop does not like the idea of uploading pictures, will try to get them up ASAP, thank you for being patient! 

Edit: And how could I almost forget! I was free lunging Ranger on..umm...Wednesday I believe and as usual, he was fantastic, giving me every transition between walk > trot > and halt that I asked for. At one point, towards the end, he really got into this amazing, and fluid trot.  Since I wanted to go out on a very good note, I decided to see if he could keep that pace for a couple rounds around the indoor arena.  When I saw him starting to lag, I gave him a few kisses and gave the whip a little swoosh, and he did a very unpredictable thing, he CANTERED!

Now I understand, "yea a horse cantered so what?" Well when Ranger first came to the barn he was very undertone, muscle wise, and when Michelle asked him to canter a couple days after he arrived he fell over. So when I saw him cantering I kind of panicked, not wanting to hurt a horse that wasn't my own. So I asked him to trot, that was the time where he was like "Oh my I can go faster! No I wanna keep going faster!" so it took me a few seconds longer than I wanted to, to get him back into a trot.  After he cooled down I groomed him up, even more proud of him!  

I hope to do some more canter work with him soon.

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