January 29, 2010

Wind, Wind, Wind!

Today was something else! On top of 11 degree weather, we had chilling 30 mph gusts of wind. Lets just say gusty wind + door that likes to make loud noises = not good.

Spiffy and Nannie were inside today, since Nannie does not have a winter coat and we didn't want her inside on her own all day. Well, I will just say that has made Spiffy and Nannie much closer! We had to move Spiffy in order to clean his stall, and lets just say Nannie was having NONE of that. She whinnied and called Spiffy the whole time that Tia was cleaning his stall. It got to the point where I decided to bring Spiffy back early so she would stop freaking out. The second she saw him all the calling subsided. What a cute couple!

I was really looking forward to riding today, but due to the wind gusts, the indoor arena was very loud and did not want Ranger to get spooked.

Also since it was very windy and very loud I decided not to groom Ranger today. But, I did have to hook him up to one cross tie to fix his blanket. When I hooked him up and fixed his blanket and went to go move him into his stall, he did not want to move. I believe he really wanted to get groomed, but I did not want to take the chance of him spooking on the cross ties.

I will get the pictures up ASAP! Hopefully I get to have a lesson this Sunday :)

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