April 17, 2010

Florida Vacation =)

So for once the sun isn't shining outside and it is cloudy so I told myself I NEEDED to sit down and tell about my Florida Vacation of 2010, for those few members that actually read my blog =D

So my mom, mem'ere (grandmother), two sisters, and I left for Florida on Thursday night, night of the 8th. Since flying was such a rediculous price, we decided to drive my mom's new Honda Rogue down to FL. Let me tell you, with two big suitcases, one small suitcase, cooler, and nick knacks that we couldn't put in the suitcases, it was not a very comfortable ride. To top it off Thursday morning I woke up to a 100.4 tempature, dry heaves, and body chills! I KNOW! I was so upset but I had been waiting for this trip since January and I wasn't going to let a little bug make me stay home. So I had my mom pick up some doctor masks for me to wear until I was feeling better, luckily no one got what I had.

So the ride was okay on the way down, not much to see or do. Since myself and older sister have our liscense that was 4 people driving down instead of just two. There was only one night when someone fell asleep at the wheel but I was up with Mem (who was driving) and it was only for a second, but thank god it was a safe second. We were looking for a place to pull over and it was 5 miles away so we rushed there, and I took over driving after that.

Once getting to FL we dropped older sister off at another town so she could visit a good school friend and we were off to Ft Myers Beach.

The first day consisted of setteling down and getting groceries and hanging by the pool. Day two in the morning my mom, Tia, and I went down for a walk on the beach to see what was there. The beach has a reserve that has some really nice birds and MARSH BUNNIES! Let me tell you they are so cute!! Kind of like a cross between a bunny and gopher :D

So day two, again, consisted of being at the pool. Actually most days have been like that XD. Tuesday we went to Busch Gardens which was SO MUCH FUN! The weather never got above 80 F, there was a nice breeze, and almost NO LINES! Tia and I rode most of the rollar coasters twice and never waited longer than 5 min in line. (Pictures to come)

We have spent 2 full days at the beach. The first time we had the luxury of seeing a manatee. It was swimming relatively close to shore and it was fun to watch it swim really fast. Last time we were in FL we went swimming with the manatees so it wasn't such as a shock of seeing one for the first time, but still it was nice. The second day we spent fully on the beach, we saw a group of dolphins, which consisted of a cute baby that was just having fun jumping out of the water. At that time I didn't have my camera but the second time around I got a quick picture of a fin, I know but still its a picture XD

Next on the agenda is to go parasailing and go to butterfly world! Will keep you posted on daily activities and stories XD

Thanks for reading!!

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