April 22, 2010

Last Night in FL

SOO it's 11:47 PM and I should be sleeping, but no of course on the last night here in Florida I am too hot to sleep!

These past two weeks have been very nice and I'm excited to get back home. I miss the horses, alpacas, family, and just the familiarity of my home town. I'm not to excited knowing that when I go back Ranger might have left already. This is something I just have to live with knowing that I will probably see him next winter.

Since I told you guys about the parasailing and dolphin tour I feel like I should elaborate on the AMAZING time I had!!!

First off was the wave runners dolphin tour. It started at 11 AM and ended at 1 PM. I was hoping that I would be able to drive the wave runner, but come to find out I needed a picture ID, which I only had my paper liscense at the time. I attempted to ask if my school ID would work but that didn't get me very far. So after a crash course on how to stay on and steer I got on with my mom and Tia hooked up with Mem. I must say I was a little nervous at first, not knowing how well my mom would handle something like this. But come to find out? Both Mom AND Mem ended up going 55 MPH!!! It was really exhilerating and relaxing. We saw a dolphin and a baby dolphin, and a spotted eagle ray, which was really cool!

After the wave runners it was time for parasailing! Mem and Tia went up first while I got to chill with the super cute deck crew :D We got 12 min up in the air, 1200 feet of rope, and we were dipped into the water twice which was really funny!!! While I was up in the air, it didn't even feel like we were parasailing, I expected something of an adrenaline rush, but nothing of the sort happened. It was so peaceful and sureal up there.

Well I am starting to feel a little less hot and starting to feel tired. I shall post more once we get onto our Maine soil =)

A picture of me and my mom just before going para sailing! Tuns of fun!

Thanks for reading!!!

P.S. Sorry for spelling I don't have my glasses on :D

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