April 4, 2010

North American Alpaca Show

This weekend (April 1st-April 4th) Misty Acres Alpaca Farm participated in the North American Alpaca Show. We took a total of 10 animals from our farm. We also had 8 other alpacas from 3 other farms with us. Misty Acres is also apart of Alpaca Center of New England (ACONE) which is a group of 4 alpaca farms that work together to help improve the alpaca industry. ACONE <-- the site.

So the show was in Springfield, Mass and it was a 2 day show. It was run on Friday and Saturday while Thursday and Sunday were check in and out days. On another day I will write how an alpaca show operates for everyone's information :)

So just in case people want to know how Misty Acres Alpaca Farm did here were the current standings:
Out of 10 animals that we brought and 1 that we co-own:
Expresso: 1st
Teddi: 1st
Tux: 4th
Noelani: 3rd

Now some people may look at that and think that those are okay standings, but for us as the owners we were ecstatic. The show consisted of roughly 800 alpacas, about 15 alpacas per class (alpaca shows are split into classes of color and age) and we are competing against some farms that have over 100 alpacas to choose from for their showing stock, while our farm has roughly 47 alpacas at this point in time.

SOOO the show was amazing! We had roughly 15 people show up to help with out group and it was a blast!

Well thats the cap for this weekend :)

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