October 20, 2011

Long Week

I've had a long week and I have an even longer week next week, so my cure for it? BLOG! haha, I must have no life (which I am totally fine with).

I am really not a complainer, I hate to complain and I don't like to listen to people complain..but I'm going to have some complaints anyways.

First off, I have this HUGE project due next week. I really want to do well in it so I can get my Issues in the Environment class grade up (it's at a B right now). The project is that you and a partner (partner complaint coming after) pick a common object, and you have to type a paper, powerpoint slide, and give a 3-5 min speech about how the project was made, and the environmental impacts that the Earth goes through based on the process of this object (due to say factory emissions). This project would be very fun if I didn't have to have a partner. I dislike school partner projects, I can work with a person in the real world all day and not worry about it but school projects with partners just throw me over the edge. So not only did I have to pick a partner (after I tried to ask the professor if I can do it by myself), I got a partner that I can't understand (he is Chinese and let me make this loud and clear I AM NOT SAYING HE IS A BAD PERSON AND I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST FOREIGN PEOPLE) but it really makes it harder to work together, so I thought e mailing...well come to find out he doesn't check his e mail regularly so it's pushed back the project a bit. So I have to get that project done this weekend.

On top of...

Studying for two big tests next week (genetics on Wednesday and animal nutrition on Friday).

I know school is suppose to be like this and I don't mind it's just becoming over whelming but I will get through it.

Some good news?

I am going riding after my horse management class today!
I have given one sucessful tour by myself to..yup you guess it, a group of international students (who were fantastic!!)
I have 60 mores days until I go home over Christmas break!
My room mate invited me to go back to WI with her over Thanksgiving break, so I won't be all alone!!

I hope to post about my ride later :)

Thanks for reading!

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