October 11, 2011


Okay I decided to share about Rollo, the new horse in the herd.

The main herd consists of Maddie (boss mare with an attitude), Mr P ('boss' gelding), Legend (gelding), Jealousy, and Desi (a green broke mare).

Today I walked to work like I usually do, unlocked the fence, and walked to the paddock where the horses are kept. I said my daily hellos to Mr P who always has his head sticking through the fence and looking at me like he is starving, and then went to go get some hay. As I came back and started spreading the hay I finally saw a new white horse in the far back corner of the paddock. I was shocked. I could see that the horse (who I soon found out was a mare) was skinnier then she should be, and as I got closer I saw that she had lots of scars on her back , neck, and withers. I put the wheel barrow by the hay feeder (that I actually rarely put hay in ironically) and calmy walked up to this new horse. My voice stayed nice and low and calm and I said hello and started talking to her. She pricked her ears as if she was interested in me, but didn't seem frightened. I walked up beside her and stuck my hand out and she sniffed it eagerly and moved her lips along my hand. I slowly petted her neck and she stood there very calmly. So, I got some hay and made a few nice big piles for her.

Legend goes inside the barn in the morning to get grain and his vitamin E supplement, so I made up his grain, brought him inside, swept the barn as he munched away, and brought him back out. By the time I went back outside (which wasn't any more then 10 min) I saw that Mr P or Maddie had pushed Rollo away from her pile of hay and she was just standing there. I felt so bad, so I took some of the hay from the front of the paddock and walked it over to her. As she was eating I ran my hands along her body, looking at her scars and wondering how she got them. She just has patches and patches of missing hair, it is so sad and made my heart break. But I knew that no matter what her story I was going to give her some much needed TLC. While I was running my hands over her, I realized that she had a lot of heat in her shoulders, and that one of her scars had opened up and was oozing, and made a mental note to tell my boss. It was hard to leave her because I wanted to just pat her and love her, but I had to get to class.

Walking to class I texted my boss asking her who the mare was, her story, and told her about the heat in the shoulders and the oozing. Boss said that she would buite her and check out the wound, and also said that her name was Rollo and she needed some extra TLC until she was looking healthy again (I told my boss I was all over the TLC part, I plan on spoiling Rollo).

I went back this afternoon to check on her before I rode, and maybe attempt grooming her (which was hard because of the patches of missing hair). As I called out her name when I got to the gate she lifted her head and pricked her ears and walked right up to me and started investigating the bucket I use to carry the grooming items, she eventually noticed that I was there and started sniffing me all over. This mare is such a sweet heart and I already adore her! She ended up walking away from me because Mr P was interested in the bucket also (which he should know by now there are no treats but still he likes to believe I am going to change my ways). I left the bucket for Mr P to investigate while I went over to Rollo and continued stroking her and lightly brushing the brush across her body (I'm not sure how much "grooming" I did but I wanted her to realize she could trust me). After a few moments I walked back to the fence and was just looking at the other paddock of horses and talking to this mare who was looking at Desi very intently. Next thing I notice, a big white head is by my shoulder, and Rollo is standing right beside me. I was so touched that she just stood there next to me. I talked to her and stroked her some more. The heat in her shoulders was reduced a little by the afternoon but not fully gone.

I can already tell I'm going to adore this horse for a long time and hopefully forever. My Boss says that once she gets healthy enough she wants to get her under saddle, and I'm hoping that if she is well broken that I will be able to ride her.

Can't wait to see her tomorrow and give her some more lovings!

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