October 25, 2011

Oh horses

So this morning was an interesting morning. I decided to change up my routine and instead of grooming the horses outside I would groom them inside their stalls. I fed Legend like normal and then groomed him while he was eating. Overall he was a good boy. Next I did Desi and she was fantastic. I think back to when I started working here in September and she is a totally different horse. The girls are doing great work with her!

After Desi I was going to groom Mr P next. Lately Mr P has been acting like a herd bound pony and every time I bring him inside to groom him he gets antsy and starts hollaring for his friends (who actually never holler back), which makes him more antsy. Usually he calms down and will start munching on his hay, but today was different. Instead of calming down he tried to get out of his stall (I usually keep the door open just a smidge so I have a semi easy access to get out if I need to). I repeatedly had to get him away from his door and every time I did he would get more agitated. He then starting flinging his head around. This made me nervous so I backed to the door just to see what was going to happen. He then walked over to his window to look outside and went bezerc and actually ended up kicking. It wasn't a full extend kick (would have reached me easily) but it still got my attention. Not sure what to do I decided that it was probably best that I tie him outside so he could see his buds.

Tomorrow I am just going to put him in his stall with some hay and let him throw his temper tantrum for five min or so. I won't allow him to act like that, especially since he hasn't done it in the past.

I also want to start training him to ground tie and do some more ground work with him in the mornings. I think this will be fun.

Thanks for reading!

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