October 15, 2011

My Own Blog Award

Hey everyone, so I have been looking around at some blogs (three in particular) that I usually read and I decided that I wanted to make my own award for these blogs.

This award is for the three blogs that not only do I follow the most, but I have found them the most helpful and most inspiring.

And the blog award goes to...

Now THATS a trot - My friend Erin who I was introduced to many years ago. She has helped me in my quest to become the best rider that I can and I always enjoy hearing about her horses Willie and Jabby.

A Collection of Madcap and Escapades - I was introduced to Dom through Erin and I really enjoy reading about her wild adventures with her horse Ozzy!

and last but not least

Green n' Green = Black n' Blue - I mostly enjoy reading this blog because of the miracle story of Denali and her Mom! I started reading about Denali around the time that Max had to be put down and it helped me so much knowing that miracles can happen.

There you go ladies! Thank you for having such awesome blogs!!!


  1. Aww, thank you! And I'm glad to see you blogging again, and getting in more horse time too!

  2. THANK YOU!! I am honored! :) I'd like to think that I'm teaching people by example of "What NOT to do." :)

    -Denali's mom because google won't let me post comments. :(

  3. You're so sweet :) Thank you. I have to do a blog awards entry... I just need the time.