November 30, 2011

Loving Life

I get in this kind of mood every once in a while (actually it has been more often now a days).

I have this week, and then next week of classes. Then the week after I have my "finals", which really aren't classified as finals because they are just over the last portion of information covered in the classes. My only REAL final is on Dec 19th, and is genetics. So, on top of studying I also have 7 papers due on different dates over the next two weeks (the first one due tomorrow). But, while I'm reading my genetics book, because my genetics professor has succeeded in confusing the heck out of me, I am saying BRING IT ON! I also have realized that I am so content with my life. I have a great job working with horses, I'm doing reasonably well in school, I have some amazing friends, a wonderful family, I'm healthy, and so many other things that are so perfect, even if they are imperfect.

I have succeeded in being 2000 miles away from home for over 100 days and I have done it very well if I do say so myself. Sure I probably should have been more social and made a lot more friends then I have, but I'm fine with the way I have been living my life. I like to think I have made my family proud doing what I am doing. I have talked with my Mom and she is still fully supporting my idea to transfer to University of Maine next fall. I am so glad that I can say that I attended UMN and I proved a lot to myself. I haven't admitted this out loud, but I doubted weather I could do this, and I have proved to myself that I can, and I did. That is the best feeling in the world. Of course I couldn't have done it without my family and friends support, and I give all my love out to them.

20 days until I go home, can you believe it readers? Because I can't!

Thought I'd just share my amazing mood.

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