November 5, 2011

Productive Day

I'm tired so this is going to be a quick post.

This weekend at the equine center, a rescue called Refuge Farms is holding their annual auction fundraiser. I had the pleasure of working with 8 horses today. All but two were either blind in one eye or both. One that wasn't blind, Buddy, had no teach, then Miss April had really bad feet (it looked painful to watch her walk, even though she had special shoes). A huge belgian named Lanna was fully blind and it was very interesting mucking out her stall while she was in the stall. Constantly by my shoulder while I talked to her. Handsome (which I think is the PERFECT name for a male horse because that is what I usually end up calling every male horse anyways haha) looked more like a clydesdale then a belgian, but he was blind in his left eye. There was also a white gielding named Pony, and a grey appaloosa mare that I adored SO MUCH, she was also fully blind. I was amazed at how well these horses behaved and how mellow they were even though they were blind.

I spent most of today cleaning bridles today (which I actually LOVED). I cleaned 7 complete dressage bridles, and 1 complete western bridle. I also (with some help from a coworker) assembled 3 bridles with some spare parts that was donated. They weren't complete, we didn't have enough nose bands.

Also today we might have found out the reason why Mr P had been bucking while being ridden. We found some swelling in his suspensory (or suspension) tendon (or is it a ligament?) in his left back leg. Boss lady gave him some bute to see if that would bring down his swelling. We don't have any stalls available (because of the rescue horses here until Monday) but if it is not better by then, then he will be put on stall rest. Mr P is also in a huge need of some ground manner schooling *le sigh* I work with him almost every time I am working, sure he has been getting obnoxious but today he was just why do you like to make me look bad?

Haha it was a nice day overall!

Thanks for reading.

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