April 25, 2012

4/25 Lesson and Ride

Today I had a great lesson! All last week was rainy but luckily this week has been gorgeous! The horses are apart of a grazing study being done, so Tuesday I did not ride unfortuently.

I got to the barn and cleaned two bridles since I had an hour before my lesson. I love cleaning tack and I worked really hard on Mr P's tack. Sadly now that I only have two weeks left in MN, Mr P is starting to feel like he is my horse. He has come down with a mild case of thrush and I have been the one giving him COW every day. We have also progressed in big strides together. I am so sad to leave this horse.

But back to my lesson:
Today we worked on a lot of cantering. Since I have fixed my leaning back issue at the canter, I now have the problem that I lean too far forward and instead of brushing the saddle, I tend to actually stay off the saddle in an almost two point position. This problem seems to go away once I get relaxed and 'in tune' with Mr P.

Remember the problem I use to have with Mr P about him rushing towards the gate while doing circles away from the gate? Well, that problem is fixed...but now when we do circles near the gate, he rushes AWAY from the gate. If it is not one thing it's another, but it makes riding interesting and never boring.

Mr P made a BIG step in his schooling though. Multiple times during the ride he rounded very nicely and offered to make contact!! When he did reach for contact I gave him more rein, I didn't want to be hanging on his mouth. But Sadie explained to me that him reaching was a good thing and that I just need to stay soft in my elbows when he does so.

Mr P has taught me so much while I have been in MN. It makes me so sad that I will be leaving him, but unfortuently finances trumps horse happiness.

Thanks for reading :)

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