April 19, 2012


Yes my readers, I now have a video of me riding, my stories now have a new light.
*BEWARE* I see this video and get embarassed, but I have fixed my leaning back issue (which has given rise to a leaning forward issue, but baby steps)


It is a facebook video so if you cannot view it please tell me :)

This  video was from this Saturday when Katy and I rode.

Thank you so much Katy for being my video crew :)

Here are some pictures, I do not like them but I figure if it gives everyone some good giggles I have done my job!

Far away picture

I think I was in the middle of saying "good boy"...or I just have a super weird face when I ride!

I don't like this image at ALL. My back is arched and my foot is way too far in the stirrup. I have been working on these two big problems for a while and I am making slow but sure progress :)

Hope you all had a good laugh because I sure did :)
Saturday was a great day and I am so glad I finally have some photos to show you guys!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Actually, I rather like your seat in the video. I HATE that riders these days learn to canter in that awful hunter perch. It throws your balance and leads to horses who are super sensitive about riders who actually SIT, which makes it that much harder to use your seat effectively. The leaning back is allowing you to sit deep and keep your butt in the saddle instead of 'posting the canter'. Once you get your hips and related muscles working correctly with less effort, you'll be able to sit up instead of back and you'll ROCK IT. I think you're off to a GREAT start.

    1. Thank you Dom! I feel like I have fixed the leaning back issue, but now when I canter I do lean forward a little bit and I find myself more in the two point position cantering around, it feels more natural for me but I really need to get my butt in the saddle haha.