April 1, 2012

Jumping Clinic

Today I had the great pleasure of working a jumping clinic today hosted by Jane Braddock at the equine center. My day started out by riding my room mate's bike to work (2.5 miles) in order to get there at 8:30 (buses don't start running until 9:30 on Sunday's) but I think this might be my new routine for getting to school since the weather is so nice lately.

So back to the clinic, I was super impressed! There were plenty of funny and breath holding moments, and even though I'm not jumping myself, there were many things said today that I could easily use during my lessons or when I'm riding on my own.

I cannot possibly highlight every rider and horse, but there was this ONE horse that was hysterical! Every time he went over a jump he GRUNTED. It was just too funny and everyone got a kick out of it.

It was so nice to see these riders (from beginner novice all the way to prelim) riding and it was nice to be able to know that some day I will be riding like that! Maybe not a prelim but hopefully at novice or training!!

Thanks for reading :)

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