April 27, 2012

Horse expo

Today was such a blast! I got to hang out with two amazing friends, Steph and Katy and relax at the MN horse expo. It is the first time I have gone to a horse expo because the closest one to me back in Maine is in Massachutes. I also experienced my first rodeo and it was AMAZING! For sure I will be horse tomorrow (pun intended).

So for the good news I have some bad news. I have been so excited for Mom to come over to MN to help me pack and watch me ride. I want so bad to show her all the places I have been and just spend a little mini vacation with her. A couple days ago she told me that she looked over her plane tickets and instead of booking to fly in at 10AM on monday (we would ldeave on tuesday) she booked it for 10PM. Mom is usually really good as bout double checking things before she buys anything but there was an error some where. She went back online to see the prices for tickets and they had gone up to $600, a $400 increase. Mom talked to Delta to see if she could change her flight times, and they said that she could if she paid a $150 fee and that she paid the difference in the flight prices. Excuse my language, but that's bullshit in my mind. So..needless to say she isn't coming. I now need to pack my items myself, get my suitcases to UPS to ship back home, and fly home. I am beyond upset, not at Mom but at the circumstance, I just wanted to show her everything I have been doing for the past 9 months.

I was explaining my situation to Katy on the way back to my apartment and, being the amazing friend she is, came up with an awesome solution. She is willing to tape me giving a tour of the equine center, record a lesson, AND record me showing Mom all of the horses. Ugh it makes me so sad to know that I'm leaving such great people!! It won't be the same, but it's the next best thing.

If anyone has any ideas about how my Mom could still get here without paying an arm and leg, maybe some strings we could pull, that would be so appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

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