April 4, 2012

Beware, Ranting Time

It has just been one of those weeks. You know the kind, where nothing seems to go right?

Sunday was great, I worked all day.
This week I have four exams, one on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. If I have any good news about this is that I have completed two and so far they are going well.
I just found out that I also have a equine nutrition paper due Thursday. Our exam for that class was Tuesday. HELLO PROFESSOR what happened to you saying that you weren't going to give us home work on the same week as exams? *head desk*

I wasn't able to ride this week. Trainer is taking the week off to sort some things out (which I'm not upset about that it's just kind of the 'add on' to an already stressful week). She gave me the go ahead to ride on my own which I was SO EXCITED about! Then she texts me later that night and said that Mr P can't be ridden, vets orders. He has come down with heaves and they gave him a steroid that makes horses prone to laminitis. Again, I'm not mad that he's sick I feel bad for him and I want him to get better.

With me transfering to UMO I had to pay a $150 confirmation fee (omg colleges come on I'm already going to be paying hand and foot for tuition stop nickle and diming me to death!!!) which made it so that I had to go into my savings account and take out the money that I am saving up to A. buy myself a new/used car and/or B. pay my Mom and Mem back for all the rent and tuition they paid for me this year. On top of that the paycheck I got after spring break was not much beacuse I only worked 2 days out of the four I usually do so my pay check was half.

So today I was suppose to get paid, guess who didn't get paid...ME!! *goes under rock with no plans of coming out*

In order to get paid I need to give my time card to my boss, she has to sign it, and then it has to get delivered to the pay roll person on the other side of campus. Boss lady has always dropped it off for the employees, but all of a sudden now we have to get her to sign it and drop it off ourselves. Boss lady...you are never there when I am...so how do you presume that this is going to work??? So yeah $13 in my checking...which means I have to get money out of my savings AGAIN! I'm never going to get another vehicle or pay off the people I owe...

Sorry for the depressing post..

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